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Shortage in window manufacturing affecting lead times

Unfortunately, with Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and war overseas, production and delivery of many commodities has been affected this year. This absolutely included the supply of uPVC windows with many people having to wait weeks or even months for glass, frames, and fittings. Unfortunately, with increasing transportation and energy costs, we may see this shortage continue for a while yet. So, what are your alternatives to replacing uPVC windows?

Spraying uPVC windows, if prepared properly and maintained well, should provide a finish guaranteed for a further ten years, extending the life of your uPVC window frames and doing so at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Lead times are much less than replacing windows and obviously provide less disruption. We currently work to a 6–8-week lead time, so you could easily transform your windows and doors much quicker than currently replacing them. It also costs up to 80% less than replacing and could add value, as well as style, to your property.

You can choose from hundreds of colours when you spray uPVC frames, a much larger choice than available in manufacturing and if you wanted to you could spray your front door or garage door to match. We can even complete the whole exterior, spraying soffits and fascia panels to provide a consistent external look.

Many frames have been made to look like new with a simple spray.

It is all in the preparation. We ensure the area is clean and decontaminated before a de-grease is applied. This helps the paint to be sprayed on the window frames smoothly and evenly.

We always tape up glass surfaces and protect them with sheeting. This does take time, but it is an important part of the job because it ensures that the sprayed finish goes right to the edges and no gaps are left unsprayed.

Why not look at some of our previous work on our galleries. You might be inspired. Then get in touch for a no-obligation quote. Just upload pictures to our contact form and we will get back to you.


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