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How long do uPVC sprayed windows last?

A normal window's lifecycle would be around 20 years. After this time, it is fairly usual for the uPVC to become faded and start to look a bit degraded in its finish. Spraying uPVC windows can offer a cost-efficient alternative to replacing the window frames.

Spraying uPVC windows, if prepared properly and maintained well, should provide a finish guaranteed for a further ten years, extending the life of your uPVC window frames. So, how does it do this? Well, when we spray your windows, we prepare them beforehand. We clean the area, removing any surface dirt and decontaminating anything that may affect how the paint bonds to the surface. We de-grease the surface with recommended cleaner to ensure that, when the paint is applied, it goes on evenly and smoothly. We always tape up glass surfaces and protect them with sheeting. This does take time, but is an important part of the job because it ensures that the sprayed finish goes right to the edges and no gaps are left unsprayed.

The uPVC paint is then mixed with a curing agent and added to the specialist spraying equipment ready for use. It produces a low sheen finish and we will apply as many coats as necessary to achieve the desired result.

The paint dries in just a few minutes. Checks are made to ensure we are happy and that the desired finish has been achieved, before one final clean.

If you use professional uPVC sprayers then your windows will be properly prepared, cleaned and masked providing a finish that should last the test of time.

It is important to remember that whilst the paint is mixed with a curing agent to ensure durability, coverage and external behaviour, if it is impacted by external forces, your finish won’t last as long. In our after care document, we recommend not wiping or jet-washing your frames within 14 days of completion, allowing the paint to properly bond and to leave windows open for at least 3-4 hours after spraying. We also warn against things like window cleaner ladders and pressure washers, as impact can cause damage, as it could on any surface even the original windows.

Providing you care correctly for your windows and you engage professional uPVC window sprayers, then your windows will come with a paint guarantee against cracking, flaking or peeling of ten years. Spraying windows can be much more cost-effective than replacing them, on average up to 80% cheaper. Just ask us for a no obligation quote and see what you could achieve.

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