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How can I improve my house saleability on a budget?

Spring/Summer usually signifies an uplifted period for sales and has often been considered to be the best time to sell. As reported by The Advisory*, March to June is the best time to sell property if you are looking for a quick sale. From July, the average days to sale start to increase through to December.

Being the most popular time is great, but it also means that your property needs to stand out from the crowd to ensure it is noticed in such a popular time.

So, how can I improve my house saleability on a budget?

There are a few key things to consider in order to make your property stand out on a budget.


This time of year, brings with it new blooms and lighter evenings, so making sure the exterior of your property has that kurb-appeal is essential. This could be as simple as tidying the garden, weeding the driveway or painting your garage door.

Chipped paint on a garage door or faded paint on a front door, can degrade your exterior and affect the buyer’s first impressions of a property. With so much to do, you may not have time to sand and paint the exterior, so why not consider spraying your door or garage door?

Our spraying process will mask and prepare the area, removing any grease and cleansing surfaces before spraying. We will then apply as many coats as necessary to get the desired finish. Spraying your garage door or front door could be achieved in just one day and make a huge impact to your property.

The other thing to consider is the consistency of the exterior. Often changing the colour of a door to match your windows or likewise changing windows to match doors, can raise your exterior profile to a new level. Take a look at the photos below to see the impact that spraying UVPC windows and doors with consistent colours can have on an exterior.

Before Exterior Windows and Door

After Exterior Windows and Door

You may feel that your windows or doors are too degraded to paint and need replacing, however to achieve your aim of improving saleability on a budget, spraying windows and doors can be up to 80% cheaper than replacing. Frames and doors can be sprayed to look like new and reinvigorate old frames to save having to replace. Take a look at the windows below to see what can be achieved from window frame spraying. Could spraying your windows help you to sell your property?

Before Windows

After Windows

And don’t forget the soffits and fascias, again these could be faded and impact on the rest of your property. Why not tie them in with your colour scheme and achieve an effective overall look.

Soffits and Fascias Spraying


So, you have improved the exterior of your property and hopefully the saleability too, but what could you do to the interior to make a huge impact but at a lower cost than replacing.

Fitted wardrobes can come across as dated, but useful modern storage can be a huge selling factor. So, why not spray your wardrobes and add new handles. At a much lesser price than replacing, this again can make a huge difference. Here’s a wardrobe respray that we carried out for a client. It completely transformed the room.

Wardrobes before spraying

Wardrobes after spraying

The kitchen is always a big selling point and if again you feel it is a bit dated with a few chipped edges, speak to us about how spraying your kitchen can help. Painting kitchen cabinets can often leave streaks, be extremely time consuming and fail to provide the desired durable finish.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets by spraying them with your choice from hundreds of colours can lighten a space, make it look bigger or even just refresh and modernise dated kitchen units. Professional spray painting uses a special paint, that bonds to the surfaces to create a smooth and durable finish, with no peeling, cracking or flaking. It’s moisture-resistant and leaves no brush strokes, streaks, or uneven surfaces. We also provide a 10-year guarantee with all our paint. Why not take a look at our specialised site for Kitchen spraying and try out our kitchen vizualiser to see what colours would work best for your space. Don’t forget with the average cost of replacing a kitchen coming in at around £8000. Spraying your kitchen for an average of between £1000 and £3000 could provide a cost-efficient solution that could improve your kitchen’s appeal to a buyer.

Kitchen before spraying

Kitchen after spraying

You may also think that you are stuck with your existing bathroom panelling, but actually this can also be sprayed. Again, if the bathroom is an area that is holding your sale back, you can modernise panels to create a whole new look by spray painting your bathroom cabinets. Here’s a recent job we worked on for a client in Barnsley.

Bathroom before spraying

Bathroom after spraying

So, there are lots of ways you can improve the saleability of your property on a budget. Working out what is right for you and what you would like to do is important and we can help by providing a free no obligation quote for you to consider. Just upload existing pictures to our website and we will respond to you.



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